Simple tips and advices for a successful blog

Today, many people around the world are quite interested in blogging and as we can see there is a great competition between bloggers to make their blogs unique and well known for the others.
Believe me, this step is absolutely hard and need effort more than you can imagine.

Here are some tips and advices for a successful blog.

  • Try to choose one specialized topic for your blog and avoid adding unnecessary categories and topics to keep your blog simple and not crowded. 
  • Find a niche and make your blog about something very specific, and you'll please both the search engines and your readers. 
  • create your own content and avoid (copy-paste) posts from other blogs, this will make your blog unique and you can publish Google ads without any problems.
  • Add the most keywords related to your blog's specialty so your website appears more on Google and other search engines.
  • Add some links to your other internal pages on your blog, so visitors can browse it more easily.
  • Avoid adding unnecessary widgets that may slow down your blog loading, the more your blog fast the more visitors you gain.
  • It is useful to use some keywords in your images that relevant to your content in the blog.
  • Add links in your blog for other websites that have relevant content.
  • It is very important to update your blog on a regular basis and choose your topics carefully with fresh content.
  • Make sure your blog is indexed in search engines.
  • Choose a simple design for your blog with calm colors, and this will make your blog more attractive for visitors.

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